Solidworks subway station

I wanted this to become an “every Friday” series, but with my habit of rushing and then giving up, I’m not surprised I’m making this post on a Tuesday. Anyways, this week’s model project was a subway station.

This is the first point where it started taking shape and looking like a subway station. When I was doing the pillars down the center, I realized the platform was too small, both in width and length. I tried using some of the dimensions from the T1 trains that run in Toronto and adding a little more length to all of the dimensions but I guess I was a bit off.


Next was adding the running rails and third rail.


This is the first rendering of the station with rails and everything on both sides.firstrender

I was really happy with the way the model looked so I wanted to add a staircase that led to a whole concourse level and even to a bus bay. I added a staircase and extended the tunnel to make more room on the top. As soon as I extended the rails, Solidworks started lagging so I couldn’t go any further than just the staircase.render1 render3

So that’s the model for this week. We’ll see what next week brings (and hopefully my computer will be up to it).

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