Flip flopping on Ubuntu

Windows 8 Lockscreen

I’ve always been a Windows user. Macs are fine but I can’t afford one and am a bit turned off by compatibility issues (though that doesn’t seem like a huge problem anymore). The other platform is Linux. Ever since I got my netbook a couple years ago, I’ve jumped around to different Linux distros but always ended up back at Windows. Through my jumping around, I found Ubuntu to be the nicest.

Ubuntu obviously can’t run Windows programs. The whole point of getting the netbook was for school so I needed to run several software programs for my courses that only work on Windows (sometimes would even throw a fit if you weren’t running XP). Now that I’m done with school (conventional full-time school, anyway…), I decided to put back Ubuntu since all I use my netbook for is web browsing now. I found Windows to be too slow to do simple tasks on the very basic hardware.

Screenshot from 2013-09-24 11-02-40
Ubuntu Desktop

I really like Ubuntu because it looks nice and works with what it gets. When I was first researching about Linux OS’s, I kept hearing great stories of old computers being brought back to life because of the use of Linux. I find it to be generally faster at doing everything compared to when I had Windows on it.

The downside to Ubuntu is that if there’s a problem, I generally have no clue what I’m doing. It usually involves copying and pasting cryptic code from the internet that makes little sense to me. But, I suppose that’s better than sitting around waiting for Windows to troubleshoot something and then come back with, “LOL DUNNO”.

I’m happy to have Ubuntu running on my netbook again. It always breathes new life into this slowpoke. I hope the flip flopping stops here.


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