Windseeker turned Observation Deck Americana

3D modelling is a lot of fun, at least when dimensions and structure don’t really matter. I tried modelling Windseeker. I started with the top of the tower. When the “UFO” was coming together, I realized how thick I had made the tower. It looks a little chunky but whatever.


Next, I did some detailing at the base of the tower:

windseeker2 And this is what it looked like at that point:

windseeker3 I started an attempt to make the Windseeker lattice gondola structure with no good results. It’s just too complicated with my limited skills right now. I decided to make it a simple observation tower:windseeker4I didn’t bother adding cables or machinery. I felt it looked good enough since I was doing this to get more of a feel for the program. Any model I do is open to a revisit.

All that was left was to color/texture the thing. This was the result…..windseeker_USAGod bless the USA, even though I’m Canadian.

A few short notes:

  • The railings on the UFO are way too small. The model is shown with shading and borders. Without the borders, you wouldn’t see any railings because they’re that thin.
  • I need to start naming the different features in the model. Up to this point, I’ve been going with the program’s default names for everything so it can be a little more organized by manually naming important features.
  • I shouldn’t go with the first color scheme I come up with at 2 in the morning…

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