First Solidworks results

I’ve been meaning to learn how to use SolidWorks for a long time now. I was looking for a good book or guide on how to get started, not realizing until now that the program has some decent tutorials already in it. I went through the first ones that shows how to make a part and assembly, getting used to the different tools in the program. Here’s the final product from one of the tutorials:

solidworkspart1Of course, I had to try my hand at doing something coaster/ride related. I was able to make a single support column but I’m sure there is so much wrong with the file to a professional…support

I found a video tutorial on how to build a spiral staircase which was great except he stopped the video just before doing the handrail. After a full day of messing around, I managed to do it, along with a midrail.stairsfinalI still have lots of learning to do with this program but I’m totally enjoying it. I’m sure I’ll have lots more half completed models to show you soon.


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