Lights out.

It’s time to put this project to rest.

This was probably my favorite project to date. It’s produced something (videos) that can I always go back to for some homemade entertainment. For something so hastily put together, I call it a success.


In the past few weeks, it sat in darkness. I lost interest in making new shows because they were tough to keep fresh. The only way to keep things fresh were the minor tweaks I did as every new show came out. I had nothing left.

Since the last show (Strength of a Thousand Men) with the rough ending bit, the setup started to look hurt. I also managed to drop many things on top of it because there’s a shelf right above it… You’ll notice from the picture above that the paper screen is crumpled a bit and the left pillar is leaning a bit. With this damage, I decided not to move around the servo spotlights in the final show:

Right after I finished doing the video for this last show, I immediately got to work dismantling it all. The RGB spotlights remain with the lengthy wires, perhaps for use in a future project. The servos are in storage. The breadboard of LEDs remain wired up to the Arduino because I don’t have the heart to take it completely apart until I decide what the next project is. This is what’s left of the spotlight pillars:


Thanks for following this project, if you have. I hope I can follow with something even better.


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