How I use Windows 8

I don’t know many people with Windows 8, and I understand why. People don’t like change, especially something they’ve been using for so long and that they rely on daily. I thought I’d share my thoughts about the OS now that it’s getting down to a year running on it.

There are really only two things I find different compared to Windows 7: Fluidity and “that damn Start Menu [/sarcasm]”.

My PC is 4 years old now and I do believe that Windows 8 is optimized enough to have a few performance improvements. I did see a lot of improvement going from Vista (shipped with the PC) to 7. Still, things seem to be overall smoother, especially with the minimalist way the Metro menus were designed.

Speaking of menus and Metro, there are a few things that bug me about both. There’s the “Charms” menu that slides out from the right  for system settings and things like that. I need to get to it every night to shut down. During the day, it’s sliding out by accident. People don’t like the Start menu because of how touch-optimized and non-desktop like it is, and we’ll get to the Start menu in a minute, but the Charms bar is my biggest frustration. It literally is only good for touch, and even then, that’s pretty silly. It’s the only way I know how to get to the Start menu on a Windows 8 tablet besides a hardware button. Two touch gestures to get to the Start menu. Great.

Oh right, Metro. The apps are useless. I don’t have any installed. Moving on.

For the Start menu… I’ll say it: I think it’s better than any other Start menu Windows has had before. It’s easy to find programs I’m looking for on the menu, and it’s quick to search for a program that’s not pinned on a Start menu. At first, I thought it was weird to temporarily fly away from the desktop to open up an application, but I found that I could open up things faster than the classic Start menu. I’ve also gotten used to hitting my Windows key on my keyboard to open it up. It works for me.

I’d recommend it if you look into it and think you can get used to it. If you’re not ready for Windows 8, that’s fine, stick with Windows 7.

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