An elevator to heaven?

Yeah… I messed up.


This is the new panel layout. Originally, there were buttons to request to go up or down on each floor… even if you were on the third level, you could request to go up. I only realized the problem with this once I started the program. Now, instead of thinking I’m standing outside of the elevator waiting for the cabin to come, I’m thinking I’m standing inside controlling it, which would make more sense. Now I have three extra buttons, which would normally be things like the open and close door buttons, and an alarm and emergency phone. I figure it would be more fun to throw in some errors I can trigger manually (and there will still be the timers that will cause errors). I haven’t fully figured them out, but possibilities include something in the way of the door closing or an overweight cabin.

I’m glad I caught this before I went any further. Also, the flowchart isn’t helping.

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