[Re]wired up!

I hop from one project to another, so I do some work on the trainer and then not touch it for weeks. I finally felt it was time to rewire the panel because it was just a disaster. I used a smaller gauge wire solid core wire this time. The first time, I used a larger gauge because I had never really worked with any more than 12 volts and was paranoid something was going to happen. I checked the ratings of this wire and it’s just fine. The result was so much cleaner:



For that Arduino project that ended up selling, it was originally designed to use my PLC parts. Plans were changed so I was left with a couple of extra goodies. My trainer now has a proximity sensor…


… And an additional output module. I wired up 8 white 5mm LEDs. I know it’s horrible, but I used a voltage divider to step down 24v to 5v. (This is what my next modification will be.)

There was an issue with the new white LEDs. Whenever there was multiple white LEDs on, the second white LED would fade to almost off. I figure it’s probably a power issue with my sketchy voltage divider. At that point, I took the second white LED offline and connected it to a relay I picked up:

I did a video of all of the features just prior to getting the relay:

So as I mentioned, I’ll be working on that voltage divider crap I did. I’ll cover the progress here and hopefully all goes well. Stay tuned and thanks for reading!


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