PREMIERE: Strength of a Thousand Men

I’m proud to present my newest Arduino light show, Strength of a Thousand Men:

There are two videos of this show. The one above was filmed in a dark room. I found it to show off the intensity that I was going for, but the camera kept losing focus so you couldn’t see what the LEDs were doing at times. Because of that, I recorded a second version with the lights in the room on so the camera wouldn’t lose focus as much. That version is available if you want to watch it.

There is a very minor modification, and that is the placement of the top row of LEDs. They used to be a straight line but I made them curvy so that I could create circles for me to work with. I can also do a trail in and out of the two rows, as seen several times in the video.

IMG_20130731_191246I find a lot of fountain shows that I’m inspired by to have curves and distinct circles to make chasing fountains seem like they’re making turns, which is what I was going for. It’s easy to group the circles together to create sequences with. I don’t expect any changes in hardware from now on. It seems to be enough to work with.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed the story of my LEDs and my newest show! There’s still a lot more for me to post so I hope you’ll stick around. Thanks!


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