Spotlights please!

As I mentioned in my last post, I had sold off my old Arduino project. The project involved some servos and I became very interested in trying to incorporate them in one of my personal projects.  When I finally replaced my Arduino, I had a couple of servo motors lying around so this happened:

I wasn’t sure what to do with the motors. At first I was thinking of some sort of robotic arm because I really wanted to get away from the light shows and try something different (see Frank). And then this happened:


The LEDs were old chopped down LEDs from over the years at college. Skip ahead a few days, and things got a little more interesting:


This new setup that seemingly came out of nowhere was a huge step for my little light shows. The video above was even featured as the community project of the week on the Makers, hackers, artists & engineers Google+ community page! The motivation was there to do more. A second row of LEDs was added:

I’m most proud of this Fireflies show because I think it has the right flow that some of my other shows miss. It also helps that I used to be addicted to the song when it first came out so I knew quite well what I wanted to do when.

So that’s more or less how the show has progressed up until this point. Come back tomorrow for the debut of a brand new show! Thanks for reading!


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