Getting in the groove

I actually ordered something like 100 LEDs so that I’d have many spares if and when I messed up. With so many LEDs lying around, I decided to expand my light show using all of the colors I had. The result was this monstrosity:


With the new layout, I also made mixed soundtracks to program the sequence to. The songs were somewhat a bizarre mix. There was a track from Cedar Point’s Luminosity, Canada’s Wonderland’s Starlight Spectacular, and other pop songs that were overplayed at the time.

The lights would go out after the last video for almost a month and a bit short of a year. This was a summer project and I didn’t have much time to program these shows while being in school. The Arduino was eventually used for a school project which I ended up selling off, Arduino and all. The light show story will continue tomorrow. Thanks for reading!

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